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Fleet: Ilyushin IL-76 Aircraft

The IL-76 entered service with the former Soviet air force in 1974.

With a rear loading ramp, roof-mounted gantry crane and onboard winches and hoists to assist loading oversized / bulk cargo, which allows the aircraft to be virtually self - supporting and less reliant on sophisticated handling equipment, the IL-76 is truly the most versatile and cost-effective freighter in the 45 ton category.

The wings are high-mounted, swept-back, and tapered with blunt tips and a slight negative slant. Four turbofan engines are mounted on pylons under and extending beyond wings’ leading edges. The fuselage is long, round, and tapering to the rear, featuring a rounded nose with radome on the chin.

The bottom portion of nose glassed-in. The tail flats are swept-back, tapered, and high-mounted on a swept-back, with the tapered tail fin forming a T.

Ilyushin IL-76 Principal Characteristics
Max Payload 45 tons IL-76
Cargo cabin capacity 220 m3
Range 9,000 kms
Max cruising speed 750 - 800 kmp/h
Runway required 1,800 m
Cargo Door Size (H x W) 228 x 213 cms IL-76
Main Deck Dimensions (L x W x H) 24.5 x 3.4 x 3.4 m
Wing Span 50.6 m
Length 46.6 m
Max Take-off Weight 190 tons


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