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Fleet: Antonov AN-12 Aircraft

The AN-12 was designed to meet a Soviet Air Force requirement for a tactical air lifter in the late 1950s. Production began in 1958 and more than 1240 had been built to date.

Many AN-12's have been upgraded and given a new lease of life in the commercial cargo world, and are extremely effective for short to medium range destinations.

With a rear loading ramp, roof-mounted gantry crane and onboard winches and hoists to assist loading oversized / bulk cargo, which allows the aircraft to be virtually self - supporting and less reliant on sophisticated handling equipment, the AN-12 is truly the most versatile and cost-effective freighter in the 20 ton category.

The AN-12 has a flight crew of between five and seven comprising of two pilots, radio operator, flight engineer, navigator and load masters.

Antonov AN-12 Principal Characteristics
Max Payload 20 tons AN-12
Cargo cabin capacity 95 m3
Range 3,000 kms
Max cruising speed 550 kmp/h
Runway required 1,800 m
Cargo Door Size (H x W) 310 x 240 cms
Main Deck Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.5 x 2.75 x 2.5 m AN-12
Wing Span 38.0 m
Length 33.1 m
Height 11.4 m
Max Take-off Weight 61 tons
Max Landing Weight 58 tons
Empty Weight 36 tons


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